Hello!  My name is Kimberly, and I have recently made the lifestyle change to Paleo. I am here to share my journey, experiences and friendly Paleo finds here in Los Angeles with you.  I hope it will inspire you to incorporate some small changes in your own lifestyle of looking at food in a whole new way.

I have been a long-time sufferer of headaches, then eventually IBS and headaches. I thought I was eating “healthy”, skim milk, low-fat dairy, avoided butter and bacon, and anything else that was considered “bad for your health”. In search of a solution to my headaches I first went to my physician, where he had me take several tests including blood work, MRI and ultra-sound to figure out what was causing my headaches/migraines. Nothing was found and he just defaulted to prescribing me a migraine medication. After months of taking the prescription, my headaches persisted and they were not getting better. It was just a temporary fix.  I had to find a way to fix this because living with headaches everyday is not an option!  I did slowly start to make diet changes, first being SUGAR.  I slowly cut out more and more sugar from my diet starting with orange juice. It seemed to help and I craved less sugar but I was still getting headaches, I felt bloated and just overall blah.

When I first heard about Paleo, I thought “Oh geeze, is it this years Atkins’ Diet?”  This whole talk of “Gluten-Free” I thought was just another LA fad and more more thing that the Commercial Food Industry is scheming.  But then I started to do more research into it. And I had many symptoms of a gluten allergy: bloating, headaches ect…So I thought why not.  Before I became full Paleo I did slowly start cutting out gluten out of my diet. I first started replacing my daily doses of bread with gluten-free options. I started juicing and eating more vegetables and fruit.  I started to notice that the headaches were lessing but I was not loosing weight.  Then in November of 2013 I just decided to go for it : PALEO- ALL-THE-WAY!!

My first step into the Paleo was Amazon. I ordered 3 books, one being a book on the research behind Paleo Diet and the other two were cook books. I love to cook, so this is always a great way to get you started and excited about something new.  After reading the books and heading to Sprouts where I like to get my organic produce on the fly with out it costing me an arm and a leg, I was off!

My first week was a struggle!! I work really long hours at my job and finding time to make food every night after coming home was a challenge. At work I am often surrounded by cookies and treats and other very tempting bad treats, so that was also a struggle to say no to them.  I had to just stick to it. Knowing that I wanted to feel better over all and lose the weight they just kept hang on.  After not eating gluten for a whole month I started to notice a difference. I lost a couple of pound but it really showed in my face.  People were noticing and saying how good I looked and I wasn’t even working out!  Thanksgiving rolled around and I make a Paleo meal for Thanksgiving, which is actually really easy. And my whole family loved it, they didn’t even notice the gluten gone. I also did the same for Christmas, which was a huge hit!.

So Now I am 2.5 months in and 10lbs later and going strong. I feel better over all. I haven’t had any headaches, apart from not having enough water kind.  I don’t feel bloated or have stomach cramps like before.  I do have more energy and I don’t feel like I have to eat as much as before.  And from here I will share with you the rest of my journey…..

Happy Eating!!


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